Wassup yaw!


Newbie here. Nice to meet you 🙂

So, what should i write here? hermm..

Alright, let’s start with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Yes, i start with Bismillah because i’m a Muslim i tell you 🙂

Wanna know how i  find out about this wordpress thingy? Ok, no worries, i tell you..in a simple way.

Well, i first find out about this wordpress thing, when i wanna search on MBLAQ updates, meaning i wanna know about their  past/current news, pics, videos and more..so because of that, i found this blog –> http://absolutemblaq.wordpress.com

I’m so glad i found the blog, and that helps me a lot to find all MBLAQ news 😀 They post all about MBLAQ! And thanks to them, i started to follow them. That’s easy. P/S: Follow them for more news about MBLAQ ^^


That’s how i get into this wordpress thingy. Or i should call it a blog maybe? hehee xD

Oh, sorry! Who’s MBLAQ? Eheyy, c’mon! Don’t tell me you didn’t know them? They’re one of the kpop group, they are the only boy group that i love, my favourite! ❤

More info about MBLAQ? Go to my other page called ‘It’s MBLAQ’. Check it out yaw! 😀