Let’s talk about my lovely boys/oppas, MBLAQ 😀

MBLAQ or stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality is under Jtune Camp. They consists of 5 members and they are Yang Seungho[leader, lead vocalist], G.O[main vocalist], Lee Joon[vocalist, lead dancer], Cheondung[vocalist, lead rapper, main dancer], and Mir[(main rapper, maknae]. They debuted on October 9, 2009 ^^ About their album and all, maybe you can google, or check it out on Youtube. I can write it here but maybe just their album title. Ok, I’ll write it here to make it easy for you to search on their album.


2009 – Just BLAQ[debut single album]

2010 – Y[second single album]

2011 – BLAQ Style[1st studio album], BLAQ Style-3D Edition[Repackaged vers], Japanese Debut[japanese single album], Mona Lisa[3rd mini album]

2012 – 100%[4th mini album], BLAQ%Version[Repackaged EPs]

Done! Hope this will help you in searching MBLAQs album 🙂

So now, let’s move on to their fandom name! 

On 30/11/2009, it was confirmed that the official name for MBLAQ fanclub is ‘A Plus'[A+]. Ok, why?

It is called A+ because it is related to the MBLAQ members whom all are blood type ‘A’ . That’s the reason 🙂

Alright, thats about MBLAQ! I will write another post about how i love MBLAQ and became an A+ later/coming soon.

Since it’s already 3.30a.m. here, and i’m still awake? This is baddd!! O_O I need to go to dreamland now.

Goodnight. Adios! Xoxo ❤


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